Numatic TT4045 Electric Auto Scrubbers for Hangars & Warehouses

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Direct Cleaning Solutions recently delivered seven Numatic TT4045 Electric Auto Scrubbers to a customer for their hangars and warehouses. The machines will be used for both deep cleaning and daily maintenance cleaning.   They decided to purchase both the scrubbing brushes and floor pad option in order to be able to use the machine to clean various floor types.   Please … Read More

Numatic HFM 1515 Scrubber Polisher for Engineering Businesses

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Direct Cleaning Solutions successfully placed a Numatic HFM1515 Scrubber/Polisher into an engineering company to help clean their floors in the factory and the tiles in the office area.   The machine managed to successfully breakdown the oil and grease using the correct degreaser chemical and a hard scrub brush. They are going to use red and white floor pads on the … Read More

DCS Supplies 20 Numatic HFM1515 Standard Speed Scrubbers

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Direct Cleaning Solutions supplied a big order of cleaning equipment including 20 Numatic HFM1515 Standard Speed Scrubbers to a customer who supplies the government health care industry. The machines will be used to scrub and polish/buff the hospitals vinyl and tiled floors and help keep the hospital clean and free of infection. The customer decided on the Numatic cleaning equipment ... Read More

Cleaning of Teak/ Hard Wood Flooring with HFM1530 High Speed Polisher

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The cleaning of hard wood flooring is often a dangerous game to play due to the possibility of causing damage that could be extremely expensive to repair. Direct Cleaning Solutions did a demonstration and sold a machine for a high profile household with pristine Teak Wood floors. The Numatic HFM1530 High Speed Polisher produced an amazing result along with the … Read More

Numatic HFM1515 being used in a Food Processing Plant

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Direct Cleaning Solutions recently demonstrated and successfully placed 3 Numatic HFM1515 Standard Speed Scrubbers into a food processing plant in Johannesburg. The customer required a machine that would efficiently and effectively clean their floors in both the plant and dispatch areas. The Numatic HFM1515 Scrubber matched their requirements through its superior downward pressure and movability. It allowed them to get … Read More