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Single Disc Scrubbers

Karcher Floor Scrubbers and Scrubber Driers are German engineered and are of the highest quality. Both single disc scrubbers and scrubber driers are versatile machines that can be used for scrubbing, polishing, maintenance and deep cleaning on a wide range of floor types.

Scrubber and polisher machines are often used in the stripping and sealing of floors and can be paired with many different floor pads or brushes to allow for different floors and cleaning processes as well.

Auto scrubbers are a great option where one needs to clean the floor and leave it dry afterwards eliminating any slip hazards and allowing high foot traffic areas to be down for the shortest time possible. The deep scrubbing action followed by the strong suction by the vacuum means the dirt that has been dislodged is then extracted from the floor allowing for a far superior cleaning result and less chance of any residue being left on the floor. Karcher has a 4L scrubber drier machine which is perfect for large homes, small shops, offices and restaurants and has many different sized units right up to 150L ride on machines that are suitable for large warehouses, basements, shopping centres and airports.

Karcher scrubber driers come with the option for both a disc brush or a roller brush. The roller brush technology is perfect for uneven floors or floors with deep grouting whereas one would use a round disc brush for smooth flat floors like in a warehouse.

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