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Carpet Cleaners

Karcher manufactures high quality carpet cleaners in a variety of sizes and models that can provide day to day and deep cleaning in a wide range of scenarios and industries. There are two types of models, namely the carpet extraction machines and the walk behind brush type of carpet cleaners.

Deep cleaning of carpets is a vital part of any cleaning process and although daily vacuuming can remove most of the dust it is still important to deep clean using a wet extraction method. Most cleaners would use a Karcher upright vacuum (need to make the link as doesn’t exist!) for the pre-cleaning or daily cleaning of the carpets and then depending on the foot traffic will schedule in a wet extraction deep cleaning to release the dirt, stains and oils that are set in the carpet. The machines will deep clean the carpets or upholstery by spraying the carpet shampoo into the fibres and then through mechanical action and a strong vacuum they remove the water and dirt back out of the carpet leaving it relatively dry after use. One can use a carpet blower to assist in greatly reducing the drying time and thus the time for the carpet or chair to be used again.

The Karcher carpet cleaners all carry a full 2-year warranty fully backed up by Direct Cleaning Solutions services and repairs team.

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