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Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners

Cleaning of fats and oils is almost impossible without using the correct Karcher Hot Water High Pressure Washer. The Karcher range is very wide and able to perform almost any function required. The units vary from single phase machines to fully diesel-powered machines and everything in between.

The majority of the machines are heated through a diesel boiler. This water is heated while it is under pressure so there is no unnecessary heat that goes through the pump which could cause issues in the filters. Karcher recently introduced the Karcher HG 64 HotBox which is a separate boiler that can be added to any regular Karcher Cold Water Pressure Cleaner. This HotBox is able to turn a regular cold water machine into a hot water high pressure washer making it significantly more economical than purchasing a new hot water machine.

As well as the diesel heated machines, Karcher’s Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners range offers the HDS-E 8/16-4M 24kW machine which is electrically heated for food processing environments and other areas where diesel emissions are prohibited.

The three-phase options of Hot Water High Pressure Washers have the added ability to produce steam at low pressure. This steam is 155⁰ Celsius and significantly increases the efficiency of cleaning greases and oils on heavy machinery.

Servicing on the Hot Water High Pressure Washers is made simple by the fully opening front section of the machine. This exposes all of the components on the machine making the job quick and effortless.

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