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Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Karcher Dry Vacuum Cleaners have been manufactured to ensure a high standard of cleaning in areas where there is a lot of dust as opposed to liquid and wet waste. These machines are extremely efficient in areas with a wide range of floor coverings such as hard floors and carpets. These dry vacuum cleaners range from a small 7-litre unit up to a large ride-on machine for large areas as in casinos.

Dry vacuum cleaners are extremely quiet and provide a cleaning solution for any type of flooring. They have high area performance and the use of durable fleece filters allows for consistently high suction power. The new European laws have forced manufacturers to lower the wattage of motors which significantly reduces the electrical consumption on the machines. While this has lowered the power of the motors, Karcher has managed to maintain its exceptional suction power.

In addition to the drum vacuum cleaners, Karcher has a range of upright vacuum cleaners which use their strong suction power as well as an electrical brush to remove stubborn dirt. These machines are able to remove dirt from deep within the fibres of a carpet ensuring a deeper cleaning action.

For areas where electricity is an issue, Karcher has manufactured a battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner. These machines are ideal for areas such as cinemas and shelving that is too high to reach with a corded vacuum cleaner. No matter what the application, Karcher will have a Dry Vacuum Cleaner to suit all of your professional needs.

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