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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Karcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners are designed to cleaning in almost any situation that a professional cleaner may come across. These machines range from simple vacuums that are designed to pick up course dust to safety vacuum cleaners that are used to protect the people from health-endangering clouds of dust in the workplace.

The Standard Class of Karcher Vacuum Cleaner has recently introduced the Classic range of machines which are a more economical machine that the standard class. These machines range from the 30 litres vacuum cleaner up to the 70 litres vacuum cleaner option. Due to their cost efficiency and heavy-duty nature, these machines are ideal for a car wash environment.

Karcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners in the Ap Class are ideal for extracting liquid and medium to fine dust. They have a built-in semi-automatic filter cleaning system which ensures that the machine always maintains its strong suction power. The TACT machines are manufactured with an automatic filter cleaning system which is designed to clean large amounts of very fine dust. This filter cleaning system ensures that the filters are always clean and therefore maximise suction power.

Karcher has a range of specialised wet & dry vacuum cleaners which ensure the safety of the operators as well as other people in the vicinity. These units are able to clean anything from asbestos to flour which is explosive when a spark is introduced.

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