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Karcher Vacuum Cleaners are made with quality and power in mind. All of the vacuum cleaners are manufactured using on ultra-high quality materials which ensures the longest possible life span. These machines range for the basic dry vacuum cleaners to machines that are able to operate in highly volatile areas such as flour mills.

All of the Karcher machines have been designed to meet the needs of professional customers who require the best results the first time. The high power motors are able to extract everything from dry waste to wet waste and liquid. Karcher has also got a range of upright vacuum cleaners which have the additional benefit of brushing the floors. This brushing motion allows for far deeper cleaning as they are able to release dirt from deep pile carpets.

The TACT range of Karcher Wet & Vacuum Cleaners has a built-in filter cleaning system which is ideal for workshops and construction sites as well as anywhere that has very fine dust. This allows for uninterrupted use of the machines, even in areas with large amounts of dust.

The Karcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners are some of the best quality machines on the market at the moment. They allow for instantaneous change over between the wet and dry applications which significantly increases the cleaning efficiency.

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