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High Pressure Cleaners

Karcher is renowned for manufacturing top quality high pressure washers that are able to service any industry in a variety of different situations. The range includes everything from single phase to three phase and combustion motors. Karcher also manufactures both hot water high pressure washers and cold water high pressure washers.

Cleaning with a high pressure cleaner is far more efficient than other methods and simultaneously saves vast amounts of water. These Karcher machines are designed to use water far more sparingly and in the most efficient way so that very little goes to waste. With the current climate in South Africa, water saving is extremely prevalent.

The applications for the high pressure washer are vast and include everything from home cleaning with the Home & Garden Range of high pressure washers to heavy industrial cleaning with Hot Water High Pressure Washers. Karcher Combustion Machines are ideally suited for situations where there is no access to electricity. Karcher has both hot water and cold water options when it comes to these units and they come in petrol and diesel options.

Hot Water High Pressure Washers are ideal for cleaning very stubborn dirt through the increased heat. This heat is ideal for breaking down any fats and oils which makes it far more effective for cleaning. The three phase hot water units have the added benefit of producing steam at low pressure.

Cold water high pressure cleaners are ideal for the cleaning of machines, vehicles and buildings on a daily basis. As with all of the high pressure washers, the machines vary in terms of waterflow and pressure. Waterflow is the amount of water that is pumped out of the machine in a certain time period where the pressure is the power output of the machine. It is very important to make sure that you get the correct balance between waterflow and pressure when purchasing a high pressure washer. Higher waterflow is used to flush away dirt whereas pressure removes stubborn dirt from the surface.

Due to the very vast range of products, it is suggested that you get hold of Direct Cleaning Solutions in order to get the correct solution based on your requirements.

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