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Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners

Karcher Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners are some of the best machines available worldwide. These machines have been designed to remove stubborn dirt from various surfaces while saving water and increasing efficiency. Through the use of various nozzles, these Karcher High Pressure Washers are able to do almost any job required of them.

Karcher manufactures two different ranges of high pressure washers. The Home and Garden range has been designed for minimal use around the household. These are ideal for cleaning your garden wall, bicycle or personal vehicle.

The Professional range, on the other hand, has been designed to work far longer hours in a much more industrial environment. The range includes machines that are ideal for a car washes up to machines that are able to cut through concrete. Karcher recently introduced the Classic range of high pressure washers which is a far more economical option but it still maintains the very high level of quality.

The Professional Range of High Pressure Washers has been designed in a way that they are easy to service and maintain. Servicing of machines can be expensive to the end user and Karcher has done their best to ensure that this cost remains as low as possible. All Karcher Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners come with a 2-year warranty and Karcher guarantees that spares will be available for 10 years after the model has been discontinued.

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