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Steam Cleaners

Karcher Home and Garden Steam Cleaners can be used daily or for deep cleaning in most areas of a home. The steam will assist in killing 99% of all bacteria and germs and is thus fantastic to be used in bathrooms, kitchens and high traffic areas with hard floors.

Not only do they help eradicate all bacteria the heat is a great way of cleaning leaving surfaces shining and perfectly clean. The small round nozzle allows one to deep clean the grouting in tiles and gets rid of sticky oils and dirt on kitchen counters. Using steam to clean can reduce one’s use of chemicals and detergents by up to 90% and their water usage by up to 95%! This can massively help one contribute to making a significant difference in becoming a greener planet.

The Karcher steam cleaning range also has the option to add an ironing kit which provides a high-quality iron for all clothing and textiles. The machines come with a floor tool, hand nozzle, detailing brushes and nozzles and a variety of terry cloths which allows you to use the machines on a wide variety different surfaces and in a variety of different sized areas.

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