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High Pressure Washers

Karcher High Pressure Washers can be used for a wide range of jobs around the house including the cleaning of cars, bicycles, paving, walls and motorbikes. High pressure cleaners assist in removing stubborn dirt as well as the flushing away of debris. Karcher has got small & compact units like the K2 and then larger more powerful units like the K7.

High Pressure washers are a great way of saving water as they use far less water than traditional cleaning methods like hose pipes which is very important in today’s climate of water scarcity. The machines come with a variable or adjustable lance allowing the pressure to be changed to suit the cleaning job at hand. The dirt blaster and pencil jet setting allow one to easily remove very stubborn dirt whilst the lower pressure chemical setting means that you can spray chemicals onto the surface before and whilst cleaning.

Karcher has numerous accessories to use with their range of high pressure washers including foam lances, window and glass cleaners and round floor cleaners. The different options mean that Karcher high pressure cleaners are very versatile machines to have around the house and your garden.

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