Kärcher is a German family-owned company whose ambition is to constantly invent hi-tech solutions to simplify cleaning tasks and irrigation for consumers and professionals alike.

Founded 75 years ago, by Alfred Kärcher, near Stuttgart, the heartland of German engineering, the business has developed, such that, now over 500 Kärcher specialist engineers are setting new standards in the field of cleaning technology.

85% of all products have been developed within the last 5 years providing the very best innovative cleaning solutions.

Today, Kärcher sells over 55,000 products in more than 190 countries on all continents and through more than 40,000 sales outlets. Trusted to clean prestigious world heritage sites such as Mount Rushmore and the Space Needle in the USA, the Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Odessa Stairs in the Ukraine and closer to home, Nelson’s Column. By bringing history back to its former glory, Kärcher makes a difference.