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VersaCare Systems

Numatic is widely renowned to manufacture the best housekeeping and linen trolleys available on the market. With over 20 years of experience, Numatic has perfected their designs on the housekeeping trolleys to maximise the amount of linen that they can carry while still having the option to add a kit to hold amenities.

Both the Numatic Linen Trolleys and Housekeeping Trolleys have an option for flat surfaces and all terrain. The different wheel sizes allow housekeepers to move from room-to-room in a hotel or a lodge where the floors have uneven surfaces.

The NKU range of Housekeeping Trolleys is the most popular in the range due to the height of the units. They are wider than they are high and therefore the cleaning staff are able to see over the top of the trolley. This minimises the risk of running into obstacles or guests in a hospitality environment.

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