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Karcher B 300 R I D Ride-on Scrubber Sweeper

The diesel-powered B 300 RI diesel ride-on combination machine is a high-performance combination of a scrubber-drier and sweeper with a working width of up to 1755 mm.


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Thanks to an extra-large roller brush, the diesel-powered Karcher B 300 R I D Ride-on Scrubber Sweeper enables scrub vacuuming and sweeping in one work process. Diesel-operated, with a large water tank (300 litres) and a working width of up to 1755 centimetres, it is ideally suited to maintenance cleaning and deep cleaning of large areas. The raised and comfortable driving position allows a very good overview. The high container emptying, which simplifies the disposal of the waste, as well as the optional side brush or side scrubbing deck, which guarantee cleaning right up to the walls and corners, whilst the wide, curved squeegees ensure first-class suction. The robust machine with a solid steel frame gets through even the toughest operations completely effortlessly.


Technical data

Brush working width (mm) 1045
Working width, vacuuming (mm) 1440
Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 300 / 300
Theoretical area performance (m²/h) 16550
Practical area performance (m²/h) 12400
Brush speed (rpm) 460 / 460
Battery (V/Ah) 12 / 80
Battery voltage (V) 12
Battery capacity (Ah) 80
Traction motor (W) 3300
Waste container (l) 180
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 1750
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 2400 / 1540 / 1760


  • Traction driveTraction drive
  • Battery type, Starter battery
  • Parking brake
  • Integrated sweeping mechanism
  • Solenoid valve
  • Squeegees, curved
  • 2-tank system

Features & Benefits

Scrub vacuuming and sweeping in a single work process
  • Double productivity of man and machine.
  • Halving of the hours worked.
  • Pre-sweeping not necessary.
Simple high container emptying of the rubbish bin
  • Convenient for the operator.
  • No direct contact with dirt.
  • Emptying of the rubbish bin takes place while you are seated.
Rotatable side brush/side scrubbing deck brushes on both sides of the machine
  • Expansion of the working width up to 1,755 mm.
  • Allows area performance of over 16,000 m²/h.
  • Protects machine and objects.
Raised driving position
  • Very good view of the surface to be cleaned.
  • Agile handling.
Economical, diesel-powered combustion engine
  • Long, uninterrupted periods of work.
  • Independent cleaning.
  • Flexible cleaning.
Solid steel frame
  • Robust machine that is also suitable for more heavy-duty jobs.
Curved squeegees
  • Very good suction, even in tight curves.

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