Numatic TT4045 Electric Auto Scrubbers for Hangars & Warehouses

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Direct Cleaning Solutions recently delivered seven Numatic TT4045 Electric Auto Scrubbers to a customer for their hangars and warehouses. The machines will be used for both deep cleaning and daily maintenance cleaning.   They decided to purchase both the scrubbing brushes and floor pad option in order to be able to use the machine to clean various floor types.   Please … Read More

Numatic HFM 1515 Scrubber Polisher for Engineering Businesses

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Direct Cleaning Solutions successfully placed a Numatic HFM1515 Scrubber/Polisher into an engineering company to help clean their floors in the factory and the tiles in the office area.   The machine managed to successfully breakdown the oil and grease using the correct degreaser chemical and a hard scrub brush. They are going to use red and white floor pads on the … Read More

5 Benefits of Steam Cleaning

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Steam cleaning is the efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning alternative to traditional methods involving mops, buckets and detergents. Learn about some of the benefits from the experts at Direct Cleaning Solutions! Focusing less on cleaning for simple appearances and more on the added health benefits, steam cleaning is fast becoming the preferred method for keeping your home dirt and grime free. … Read More

Karcher Ride On Scrubber for Construction Sites

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Direct Cleaning Solutions recently assisted a property management company acquire their cleaning equipment for both the post construction and maintenance phase of their cleaning requirement. They were looking for all their cleaning equipment needs which included auto scrubbers and vacuum cleaners. We showed them both the Karcher BR 40/10 C Adv for the smaller areas and the Karcher B 150 … Read More

Cleaning and Disinfecting of Change Rooms with Karcher Pressure Washer

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Direct Cleaning Solutions recently installed a Karcher HD 6/15-4 Classic High Pressure Washer into one of our clients sites to assist In the cleaning and disinfecting of change rooms. The machine was able to pre-foam using a Karcher foam lance with the soap and then we high pressure washed afterwards with a great result. The cleaning process not only cleaned … Read More

Dirt Blaster Nozzles

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With rotating point jet for more efficient removal: the new performance dirt blaster nozzles achieve up to 50% higher cleaning and area performance that its predecessors.       Features & Benefits: Up to 50 % higher cleaning and area performance than its predecessor Minimised power losses and improved spray quality The rotating point jet on the rotary nozzle combines … Read More

Direct Cleaning Solutions Installs a Karcher HD 6/16-4 M Plus High Pressure Into a Major FMCG Centralised DC Warehouse

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Karcher HD6-6 -4 M Plus High Pressure Into a Major FMCG Centralised DC Warehouse-ross-phillips

We install a Karcher HD 6/16-4 M Plus High Pressure into a Major FMCG Centralised DC Warehouse. The customer required a High Pressure Cleaner with more pressure than water flow as they are required to remove labeling off the crates and trolleys within the warehouse. The Karcher HD 6/16-4 M Plus High Pressure was supplied due to its 160 bar … Read More

Direct Cleaning Solutions Delivers Two Numatic TTB4045 Auto Scrubbers

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Direct Cleaning Solutions delivers two Numatic TTB4045 Auto Scrubbers and provided training to one of our contract cleaning customers at the shopping centre they service. They chose the Numatic TTB4045 Auto Scrubber as they required a battery powered machine due to the lack of plug points and the ease of not having the electric chord getting in the way of ... Read More